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NSCSW Strategic Plan: Our Foundation for Growth 

Our five-year strategic plan is the foundation that will help guide the profession of social work in Nova Scotia and strengthen the College’s voice for social workers and social justice.

In the summer of 2017, we surveyed our social work members to gain insight into changes in the social work community, trends in the social work field and in their social work practice and their experience with the College. College Council then used this valuable feedback to shape the five-year goals and outcomes outlined in the draft plan.

The College’s Governance Committee and College staff refined the plan and it was presented to members throughout 2018 National Social Work Month for final consultation.

The NSCSW Strategic Plan was presented and approved at our Annual General Meeting May 12, 2018.

Our Five-Year Goals

We regulate the profession by ensuring the highest standards of professional and ethical social work practice for the people of Nova Scotia.


  • Nova Scotians see the candidacy program as a strong and relevant approach to regulation.
  • The NSCSW has removed barriers to labour mobility between provinces.
  • Members bring the spirit of the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics to life.

We are a recognized leader in advocacy and social justice working to protect Nova Scotians.


  • Nova Scotians see the NSCSW as a credible source for critical analysis and innovative solutions to social justice issues.
  • Government actively engages the NSCSW to inform policies and legislation that impact social justice and social planning.
  • The College reflects the diverse voices of Nova Scotians.

Nova Scotians value social work knowledge, experience and training.


  • Social workers are influencers in positions of leadership.
  • Nova Scotians are aware of the diversity of social work practice.
  • Employers recruit Registered Social Workers for their essential social work lens grounded in human rights, equity and social justice.
  • Social Workers are engaged in meaningful and rewarding work, that makes a difference to the social conditions in Nova Scotia.

We are a centre for social work resources, professional development, ethical consultations, research and acts as the collective voice for social work.


  • Members are supported by the College throughout their career.
  • Members are a part of the NSCSW’s progressive support.
  • Members contribute to social work’s collective voice.
  • NSCSW works to enhance social worker well-being.
  • NSCSW works to build conditions for social work success.
  • Social workers from marginalized communities and both urban and rural settings are engaged with the NSCSW and their voice is represented within the organization.

We are responsible, accountable and transparent.


  • Nova Scotians value and trust the NSCSW.
  • Demonstrated accountability as a regulatory body.
  • Clear autonomy of regulatory function and membership services.