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Verifying a Registered Social Worker in the province of Nova Scotia has never been easier. Please visit our online public registry to get started.This searchable database allows users to access information about the registered social workers in the province, including their current credentials, disciplinary information, and any areas of speciality. When it comes to ensuring the best workday training the public registry will prove invaluable.

News & Events

Sept 24, 2020 — As many Nova Scotian fishing communities struggle through conflict and crisis — worsened by the intersections of a pandemic, economic uncertainty, and racism — we encourage our members to approach this work with a trauma-informed lens, to draw on the resources available to you, and to ground your praxis in your professional values and ethics.

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Oct 23, 2020 — Special Meeting of Members called to amend by-laws, to allow for electronic voting at annual or special general meetings.

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