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Contact the College:

Mail: 1888 Brunswick St., Suite 700, Halifax, NS B3J 3J8
Phone: 902-429-7799

We typically respond to inquiries within 1-2 business days.

Alec Stratford

Alec Stratford, MSW, RSW — Executive Director/Registrar

Alec is appointed by the Council and is responsible to the Council for the total planning and operations of the College, including regulatory functions. The Executive Director/Registrar is responsible for the development of the effective services and to ensure they are aligned with the values of the organization and the profession. Alec is the contact person for issues regarding Council and Council Committees, registration, government relations, and both provincial and national relations.

Telephone: (902) 429-7799 x 224

Nancy Viner — Executive Assistant

Nancy is the frontline point of contact for the office and is accountable for coordinating the overall administrative operations of the office in support of the goals, objectives, vision, and mission of the College of Social Workers. Nancy is also the primary administrative and logistical support to the Executive Director/Registrar, NSCSW Council.

Telephone: (902) 429-7799 x 226

Valerie Shapiro, RSW — Regulatory and Candidacy Consultant

Valerie is the primary contact for practice standards, ethics, candidacy and professional discipline. She works in collaboration with membership and the NSCSW team to regulate the standards of the profession. Valerie supports the regulatory process related to Registration standards, addresses the conduct of Registered Social Workers, and advises Regulatory Committees.

Telephone: (902) 429-7799 x 222

Ogochukwu Okechukwu — Regulatory and Applications Administrator

Ogo is the main administrative support for the application and regulatory processes at the NSCSW. Her responsibilities include administrative support to the Board of Examiners and Complaints Committee. This position supports the candidacy program, as well as the processing of registration applications for social workers seeking membership with the College. She assists with the registration of all applicants.

Telephone: (902) 429-7799 x 221

Annmieike Vink

Annemieke Vink, RSW — Professional Practice Consultant

Annemieke is responsible for membership and community stakeholder engagement. This includes developing, implementing and facilitating community development activities in solidarity with members and community partners that advocate for the values of the profession. The position is responsible for managing communications with the Promotional Coordinator and actively promoting skilled and ethical social work practice. Annemieke is accountable for supporting committees, organizing educational seminars and information, and supports the offering of professional development to social workers to enhance competence in the profession.

Telephone:(902)429-7799 x 223

Rebecca Faria — Communication Coordinator

Rebecca provides direction, prepares and disseminates all communications including the NSCSW website, social media, and print communications to ensure they align with the College’s objectives and strategic goals. She manages the NSCSW’s professional image to the general public, members, Council, stakeholders, and other professional bodies. She also creates, advises and disseminates promotional materials to support the College’s brand and communications strategy for the College. Overall, she plays a key role in coordinating activities for strong membership support and resources.

Telephone:(902)429-7799 x 227